Nascon Corporation

International, innovative, best in what we do


Most of our employees are engineers, when it comes to stabilization we are able to answer every question and solve every problem. We also deal with issues related to the individual design of pavement structures using mechanistic-empirical methods.


We constantly cooperate with representatives of the most renowned scientific units, and during our continuous research and implementation works we used the most advanced techniques and devices such as Digital Image Correlation systems or Dynamic Testing Machines.


Introducing innovations to the road industry requires reliability and responsibility. Representing such an approach, we constantly improve our competences by providing unquestionable benefits to our clients.


The Nascon company was founded in 2011. We focused on comprehensiveness. Many years of experience have allowed us to achieve the leading position in the field of hydrophobic stabilization. We focus our activities on developing and spreading the idea of our innovative technology that is profitable and environmentally friendly. The Nascon technology has been given many tests for many years in laboratories, scientific units and national institutions. As a result, the knowledge related to the design and application of the solution is dynamically transferred to other foreign road markets.


We participated as a consultant, supplier or contractor in many road projects. Our engineers and technologists cooperate with the participants of the investment process from the design stage to the completion of construction. We help in solving difficult situations as well as in obtaining savings or accelerating construction time. Together, we have built over a million square meters of layers stabilized in Nascon technology.