History of the technology

From Switzerland to several dozen countries around the world


The concept of stabilization with the use of chemical additives increasing the soil resistance to capillary water absorption is not a new solution. Its precursors were inspired by phenomena that naturally occur in nature, the essence of which are the processes of transforming land into rocks, taking place in the presence of high pressure and temperature, and occurring in very long periods of time. The impulse has been a long-standing and constantly growing awareness that it is necessary to look for further technological solutions that will allow even greater use of the available materials by changing the original parameters.


In the 1960s, research programs aimed at development of effective cohesive soils stabilization technologies were initiated both in Europe and in USA. In Switzerland and in the United States, technologies have been developed that have slowly begun to be introduced for commercial applications.

In the early 1970s, the Swiss company Consolid A.G. patented one of such solutions. However, in accordance with international law, the patent protection period has expired. Stabilizations using the hydrophobic additives by the Swiss manufacturer were successfully used on almost every continent. In Poland the first experimental realizations took place at the end of the 90s.

Over the last 10 years, on dozens of road implementations around the world, the effectiveness of stabilization using hydrophobic additives of various manufacturers has been successfully verified.


Technology history and company development


1968 | Technology patent

The technology comes from Switzerland, and in 1968 the first stabilization additives were patented.

1998 | First use in Poland

In 1998 for the first time technology was used in Poland, where Nascon company originated.

2012 | Nascon Group in Mongolia

In 2012 a company was established in Ulaanbaatar and the construction of the first roads was started. Since then, over 140 km of roads have been built with the use of additives.

2012 | Nascon in Latvia

In 2012 Nascon started to operate in Latvia. The first road was built in extremely difficult soil and water conditions, but the investment was a success.

2017 | Nascon in Ukraine

In 2017 Nascon started operate in Ukraine.

2017 | Grand Nascon in Dubai

In 2017 Grand Nascon Contracting was founded in Dubai. Work was also started to build the first section of the test road.

2019 | Constant development

Until today Nascon operates, develops, conducts research and acquires new markets. And we are excited about the future!